statistic sta‧tis‧tic [stəˈtɪstɪk] noun STATISTICS
1. [countable usually plural] a collection of numbers that represent facts or measurements:

• Statistics show that 35% of new businesses fail in their first year.

• the October employment statistics

— statistical adjective :

• There is no statistical evidence that the economy is recovering.

— statistically adverb :

• The results were not statistically significant.

2. statistics [plural] the branch of mathematics that studies facts and information represented by a collection of numbers:

• The course includes mechanics, statistics, and computer science.

3. [singular] a single number that represents a fact or measurement:

• Annual sales per employee have jumped about 37% , which is a statistic we feel very good about.

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statistically UK US /stəˈtɪstɪkli/ adverb
in a way that relates to statistics: statistically significant/insignificant »

The job increases were below the number that Labor Department economists view as statistically significant.

statistically valid/reliable »

The data pool is too small to be statistically reliable.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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